Life- First Advice

At Logan Financial Advisers we focus on your life not just your finances. Other advisers merely manage money – we absolutely focus on building and protecting your wealth but we place a greater emphasis on the things in life that are important to you and allowing you to enjoy and protect them. We then develop financial solutions and strategies that fit with your unique circumstances.

We provide you with a roadmap we call the Financial-Life Plan.

Advice For You

Our advice is for people who understand that with a plan they can improve their finances and their life, because without a clear plan, where will you really be in the end.  We help provide financial-life direction to:

  • Wealth builders and protectors (or those wanting to be)
  • Pre-Retirement and Retirement
  • Business Owners and Family Businesses
  • Career starters
  • Newly weds / Married / Single / Couples


At Logan Financial Advisers you receive independent financial advice – advice just for you. We receive no commissions, no trailing fees, no referral fees and where we do, we refund 100% of it back to you.
That way you know who we are working for…



A Financial-Life Plan places your life first and puts the jigsaw of your finances together. Helping you focus on the important things in your life. We look at everything to build, protect and distribute your net wealth including your Estate Planning – a cornerstone to your financial-life plan.



We believe that to create real net wealth, achieving life goals and warding off the dangers our comprehensive and on-going services in the Financial-Life Plan is the way to go. However, we offer hourly consultation to help you with one-off decisions and we are available when you need us.