The corner-stone to your financial success is having sufficient positive cashflow to save for your future.  If you cannot get this right, you will not succeed.  We will show you how to take control, keep control and manage cashflow tight periods to ensure that at any stage of your life you are moving forward.  This is not about a slash and burn on your budget, but about understanding what makes up your budget and what is truly important to you. We use a great fintech tool that reduces the pain of creating and managing a budget and we show you some strategies to maximise your cashflow so you have more money to spend on holidays, luxury items, house deposit, investments, education, for retirement….

Some of the issues we consider are:

  • Income and opportunities to grow your income
  • Analyse your spending and focus on what is important to you
  • Structure of your banking services
  • Debt repayment plans
  • Upcoming expense items that need to be accounted for
  • The self-confidence and reduced stress from taking control of your cashflow

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