In Planning for your retirement there is a high focus on the life you want and can afford to live in.  For people in their 50-60’s we spend a considerable amount of time in walking you through the issues of retirement, what to expect and how best to manage it and strategies to top up wealth.  This can often be a stressful time for people as there are so many unanswered questions and we provide you with a thorough process so you can enjoy the retirement you deserve.

For those already in retirement we look at what you are enjoying most about retirement and enhancing your experience.  We consider the different phases of retirement and how best to manage your affairs to ensure your finances allow you to maximise your enjoyment.

Some of the issues we consider include

  • What sort of life do you want to live in retirement, housing, holidays, luxury items, cars?
  • Are you on track to meet your retirement saving goals?
  • When would you like to retire, how we can help make this happen?
  • Your health and your family health history
  • Investment and superannuation strategies – how to make it last
  • When and how to exit investment and business strategies
  • Estate planning and intergenerational wealth transfer – some think multi-generational
  • Philanthropy
  • Aged care services and other retirement support services available
  • Downsizer contribution scheme
  • Centrelink and Health Care Card

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