To maximise the benefits to you, the Financial-Life Plan is individually tailored to deliver tax efficient outcomes.

We do not recommend products or strategies based solely on minimising tax – we have seen in the past the disastrous effects of tax favourable timber/olive/vine investment products.  While negative gearing is a worthwhile consideration for many, we would rather see clients making money and paying tax on the profits made rather than claiming for losses.

Some of the issues we consider include:

  • Company/investment structures
  • Use of superannuation contributions, contribution splitting, other superannuation concessions
  • The new $1.6m balance cap for pension accounts
  • Small business tax concessions for sale or transfer of business or assets
  • Good vs Bad Debt (interest tax deductibility)
  • Personal Income Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax strategies
  • Centrelink, health care card issues

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