Now this is a broad category and includes a portion of all these tools.  Wealth creation strategies can include the use of debt, cashflow management, risk and different investments types – all of which we can tailor to your needs.

By properly understanding you, we can put together a tailored wealth creation plan that is better able to reach your financial and life goals.  This might include investing into property, sharemarket, your own business or other investment opportunities.

We don’t do get quick rich schemes, we believe that a long-term outlook will provide you with better and safer results. We don’t gamble with your money, we use a proven strategy of low cost investments over a longer time-frame.  We also don’t advocate in trying to time the market, if you have a long-term strategy timing is less of a concern.

Some of the things we consider:

  • What is your tolerance to risk?
  • How much risk do you really need to take to reach your financial goals?
  • What investments are you comfortable with and what knowledge do you have of them?
  • What is your investment time-frame and are you invested appropriately?
  • Do you have an appropriate structure corporate/trust/individual and is it tax effective?
  • Are you invested wisely?
  • How much does your investment cost you both financially and mentally?
  • Is using debt or leverage suitable for your situation?

As we are Independent Financial Advisers we are not conflicted by commissions, trailing fees or referral fees.

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