We offer the following specialised programs which differ from our usual processes and have different cost structures:

Career Starter

You are 28 or under and in your first 1-4yrs of your chosen profession.  You want to set yourself up and take control of your finances.  You want a plan to own your first home or make investment decisions and you want this to fit with your life.  You have so many questions around superannuation, insurance, cashflow, good vs bad debt and how to best piece them together.  We offer a discounted 18 month program to get the foundations set.  This includes 3 meetings in the first 2 months and then a follow up at 6 & 12 months and a final complimentary exit meeting at 18 months – you can then re-engage with us when the time is right or when you have some questions.  This is the start of a long-term financial mentoring relationship. We also provide you with some great perspectives on life and career that will have you getting ahead.

As this is a discounted service payable monthly over 12 months spots are limited to 20 places at anyone time.  We provide this program as we believe it is important to set good foundations for life and financial success.

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Life-First for Family Business

Family businesses are unique environments to work within. I know I lived and worked within one.  It is important for each family member to have their own personal plan and work and socialise together to create a successful partnership in business and life.  Our Life-First for Family Business program is a coaching program where we take the uniqueness of your family business and create better outcomes for each family member and for the business.  We delve into how your family works together and against each other and show you how you can improve your relationship and business profitability in good times and bad and have a long-term road map for the future.

We review your business structure and efficiency of same to minimise tax, build wealth and protect assets. The program also includes individualised Financial-Life Plans for each family member.

Newly Wed / Marriage Program

You have or are about to commit to each other for life. An important aspect of this commitment is managing your finances in a mutually inclusive and respectful manner.  We all know of couples that have separated because one partner has a lack of respect for the couple’s finances or their financial goals do not align.  At Logan Financial Advisers you will be guided through our program to ensure you are both on the same page.


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