We receive no commissions, no trailing fees, no referral fees and where we do, we refund 100% back to you. That way you know who we are working for – You.  We are members of the Independent Financial Advisers Association of Australia and have received the Gold Standard Accreditation for providing independent financial advice.

Real world experiences

We have not come through the normal pathway to become financial advisers – we are not indoctrinated in the old, conflicted ways.  We have real world experiences in chartered accounting, business and family business.  We understand the pressures, opportunities and threats and we tailor our strategies to suit the environments our clients live and work in.

Values we live by

Values are easy to write and say, it is living by these values that makes the impact. We are members of the Independent Financial Advisers Association of Australia and we make the following pledge to you:

Trustworthy: My clients’ trust in me is well-deserved and my word will be my bond.

Respectful: I will be respectful of others in order to be worthy of respect myself.

Responsible: I will take full responsibility for my own conduct as a role model for what I expect of others.

Impartial: I will provide advice to my clients with honesty, having assessed their options on their true merits, with neither fear nor favour.

Leadership: I will live out these values courageously, even at the risk of criticism, opposition, or loss.

Community-minded: I will engage with and contribute to our community, as well as to those seeking to join it, to enrich my Profession.

To qualify as an IFAAA Practising Member, advisers must satisfy these three criteria:IFAAA Gold Standard of Independence

  1. No ownership links or affiliations with product manufacturers. Impartiality is impossible where an adviser has links to a product manufacturer. Ownership links create an environment where the adviser resembles, at best, a well-intentioned salesperson.
  2. No commissions or incentive payments from product manufacturers. Commissions are payments made by product manufacturers to their distribution network. They create a conflict of interest between advisers and their clients.
  3. No asset-based fees. Asset fees, although authorised by the client, are calculated precisely the same way a commission is calculated. Asset fees are incentives that prevent an adviser from being impartial and therefore create a conflict of interest between adviser and client.

The three stars in the symbol represent the three criteria of the IFAAA Gold Standard Independence™ – no links to products manufacturers, no commissions, and no asset based fees. This is a Gold Standard for financial advice and the symbol represents trust and professionalism.

Logan Financial Advisers are not beholden to the old, conflicted business model, we want to do it better and our clients benefit.

Read our Q&A with the Founder – Brook Logan AFP.


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